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Bodyweight at home Workout Series 1

Welcome to the new series of workouts I am going to be posting that involves nothing but you and a Mat(optional). This first workout is a combination of two tri-sets completed 4 times each which will not only hit the whole body but will also provide a really solid endurance workout and will likely take upwards of an hour(depending on fitness level). Be fore-warned this is a pretty advanced body weight workout so please work your way up to this if you do not have a solid base of bodyweight experience.

The workout is as follows

4 Rounds
Skater Squats x 12 per leg

Bottoms Up Pushups x 15

Low to High Side Plank x 10 each

4 Rounds
Side Plank Crunch x 15 per side

Supine Leg Lifts x 20

Everest Climbers x 40 seconds

Let us know how it goes and as always Stay Strong!

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