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Rope's exercise

Joan’s Favorite Battle Rope Exercises

The Battle Rope is one of Joan's favorite pieces of workout equipment. It allows her to all the major muscle groups in her body while getting in a awesome cardio ...
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ASF HIIT weights


Simple Prerequisites Let's start with this one statement. There is no specific formula to HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training = HIIT If you've done a boot camp, tabata, kickboxing group ...
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joint health graph

Joint Health: What gets you hurt?…Under-doing and Over-doing

A Physical Therapist’s perspective. We all know about the weekend warrior that has no time for exercise during the week and on the weekends will go crazy and end up ...
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bodyweight workout

Bodyweight at Home Workout Series 3

Hello and welcome back to our third posting in our Bodyweight at Home Workout series. Our previous two workouts can be found here Workout 1 and here Workout 2 We ...
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upper chest workout

Charrisa’s Upper Body Workout (Part 2)

Here is the second part of an upper body workout at Always Strong Fitness featuring Charissa! This part of the workout also has three exercises repeated four times. Be sure ...
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leg stretching exercise

5 Benefits of Flexibility

What is Flexibility? Flexibility (in terms of exercise, health and wellness) is also called range-of-motion or plain old stretching, keep your muscles elastic and your joints moving freely. Flexibility exercises ...
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bodyweight workout at ASF

Bodyweight at Home Workout Series 2

Hello and welcome back to our second posting in our Bodyweight at Home Workout series. Last week we posted our first blog/video here Our workout this week comes in the ...
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wild nature

3 Tips to Prevent Hiker’s Knee

I'm Back from the mountains and here's my advice... Leaf Peeping season here in New England is upon us! Quicker than ever but before you drive out to the White ...
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Handstand exercise at ASF

Bodyweight at home Workout Series 1

Welcome to the new series of workouts I am going to be posting that involves nothing but you and a Mat(optional). This first workout is a combination of two tri-sets ...
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5 Reasons to Become a Always Strong Fitness Franchise Owner

Brand Name Recognition When you start a business from scratch, you will have to fight to establish your name in the industry and local market. You will also have to ...
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